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What are Evochickens?

Nice chickens that were trapped in the blockchain, help them evolve and mix in order to get more hashrate and escape from this cryptoworld.

Your mission:

Help them to take over the blockchain.

Get unique and fun combinations to get the Evochicken Bitcoin the first step to conquer the blockchain.


You can stack $EGGC to get more or give birth to primary Evochickens.


Combine your Evochickens to create new ones with more power

Evolve them

Deposit your Evochickens in the 0x Evolutive Block and create the most powerful and unique version.

The Evolutive Block.

The evolutionary block helps the primary chickens to evolve into one of the different elements according to their color.

Elemental and mineral evochickens also have the opportunity to evolve, but the more advanced the evolution process, the longer it will be.

The Block Mixer

One of the devices amoung a large number of them, build by the Scientific Chicken Sanders is the Block Mixer which manage the power of his chicken brothers and the blockchain intself to help them evolve and mix.

This mixes two types of Evochicken to create totally new one. In the mixing process you don't lose your deposit tokens.

The Scientist Chicken Sander couldn't be that evil.


$EGGC the core of the ecosystem.

Total Supply:

The initial supply 600,000,000 Token $EGGC, we think of this amount will let everybody enjoy the opportunity to support our friends in their mission.

Maximum Supply:

The maximum supply is infinity. New $EGGC are created only by stacking them. But we will support with different burning mechanisms.

The distribution:

1.- 5,000,000 $EGGC will be sold at the IFO.

2.- 495,000,000 $EGGC will be locked in reward pools.Where you will deposit your most powerful Evochicken and you will get more $EGGC then in the stacking them.

3.- The remaining 100,000,000 $EGGC will be used to add pools in others DeFi projects, smaller amount toward airdrops.

Evochicken Bitcoin

Evochicken Bitcoin, the ultimate level on the version one and the first goal of our friends, the total supply is equivalent to 21,000,000 $BTCe, the same maximum amount of possible bitcoin in existence.

All supply will be locked in the last pool, where only the most powerful chickens can enter.

And the supply of others?

It will be a large amount of tokens, but these will be reduced depending on the rarity of the evochicken, also the mining difficulty will increase as our friends get closer to the last pool.

Mining difficulty

The exact amount of each Evochicken and the reward per block will be posted in the guide section soon.


Things that Scientist Chicken Sanders is working on.


Our project is focused on teaching new people how the blockchain, Defi and NFT work. $ EGGC is planned to be accessible to all and become a game where people enjoy farming, mixing and matching their evochickens as they advance on the adventure we lovingly build.

In turn, we will reward IFO holders with a special NFT-The Call Of ScientifiChickenSanders.

1/6/2021 - 16/6/2021
Launch of the DAPP

Once the IFO is over, our Evo-Coders will be in charge of launching the Frontend and polishing the remaining contracts.

Public the Do-List.

This concept helps a lot to organize the things we must do to continuously improve our project, website, extra functions and new contracts. We will take into account all your opinions to keep us updated, so do not hesitate to recommend an idea to us on our social media.

Launch of Evochickens V2

It is planned to launch 3 more categories of evochicken (TokenChicken, ProfessionalChicken and FlowerChicken).

Publish the author's NFT

The Author's NFT is a new concept in the blockchain in which we are working, it is a special NFT that serves to verify that all the NFT Evochickens that we will create were issued by the wallet that owns the author's NFT.

Help prevent fraud and give an extra value of authenticity to our Evochickens.

NFT purchase with the evochicken token

An NFT Market will be launched where you can spend your Evochicken Token. Getting it's corresponding NFT and burning the token from the purchase.


Total Evochickens:




Total NFT:


Pool Associates:

Evochickens v1

Discover more evochickens in the Dapp.

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White Evochicken


Black Evochicken


Green Evochicken


Red Evochicken


Yellow Evochicken


Purple Evochicken


Blue Evochicken


Stone Evochicken


Gray Evochicken


Brown Evochicken


Leaf Evochicken


Air Evochicken


Thunder Evochicken


Sand Evochicken


Cyan Evochicken


Fire Evochicken


Water Evochicken


Metal Evochicken


Bitcoin Evochicken


The team of chickens in charge of the mission, chosen for their great abilities to be successful.

Scientist Chicken Sanders

Chief Executive Officer

Robo Chicken

Programmer Solidity

CZ Chicken


Coco Chicken